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I love energizing audiences with practical ideas that change their lives.

There’s real magic in seeing people realize that their life really is in their own hands.

I understand that finding a quality speaker is difficult


This page illustrates what I specialize in, why I love speaking, and how you can hire me if you feel we’re a great match.

Organizing events is a of of work.

That’s why I want this process to be super smooth for you.

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Easy to work with

Prompt responses to all your questions and concerns. I stay engaged at all times - before and after the event.

customized and tailored to your event

A personal consultation , so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience. I want to learn the nuances of your event so that I can deliver a "WOW" experience to your audience.

unforgettable experience

A meticulously prepared, dynamically delivered talk focused on creating an unforgettable experience for your audience
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Speaking Topics

Master Of Your Fate

Most people are not really living their life….they are merely reacting to what is happening

They let other people determine their happiness

They let circumstances determine the course of their life

Their financial destiny depends on the economy

Why do we let the news, other people or events determine our happiness?

We are like driftwood on the ocean of life, tossed around by outside events and circumstances

Life Is A Mirror

Most people spend their entire lives trying to change circumstances or other people.

We try (and mostly fail) to control the things around us, unaware that our circumstances are only a reflection of your beliefs and thoughts.

In this talk I clearly show how to stop our futile attempt to change results in our lives and instead change the cause within ourselves.

Remember Who You are

We learn at a very young age to tie our worth as a person to external circumstances. As a results, the way we feel about ourselves fluctuates with what is happening around us or is determined by what we have or don’t have.

In this talk you will learn how to create genuine and lasting self-esteem that is unaffected by the world around us.

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